I am currently reading through Ronald J. Williams and John C. Beckman’s Williams Hebrew Syntax (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2007) for my Hebrew Syntax class this summer. I hope to interact with this work more at a later time but reading through it I came across this category: ‘Construct chain with a genitive prepositional phrase” (§30c). The example for this category is ‏משׁכימי בבקר (‘early morning risers’). The reason that it caught my attention is that it categorized the word בבקר as a prepositional phrase. True the word בבקר is a combination of the preposition ב (‘in’) plus the noun בקר (‘morning’) making the prepositional phrase ‘in the morning,’ but in Hebrew it is expressed in one word. My question is this: do we analyze this phrase based on its English equivalent, which is a prepositional phrase, or its actual Hebrew construction, which is a single word?