We got to play host to my sister, brother-in-law this last weekend and that means one thing: THE BIG MAN WAS IN TOWN! That’s right, the Solo-Man, our awesome nephew Solomon.┬áIf I haven’t said this before, he’s awesome.

The fun thing about being an uncle is you can have an entire weeknd with a ten-month old kid, play with him, hold him and make him laugh without having to change a single diaper! It’s great I highly recommend it. I think one of my favorite moments from their visit was to watch my little nephew continuously look at my little sister (his mom) and try to eat grass. Every time my sis said ‘No Solomon’ and he picked up another fistful of grass and tried to put it in his mouth I couldn’t help but root for him. Oh well, I guess I’m just a big brother at heart. Anyway here are some pics from the weekend. It was great to see them. We love those guys.

I can’t get seem to post any pictures right now, but when I do I’ll post some.