LamininThe image to the left is a diagram of the protein molecule Laminin. Laminin ‘is a protein found in the “extracellular matrix”, the sheets of protein that form the substrate of all internal organs also called the “basement membrane”. ‘ Basically, Laminin is the protein molecule that holds our bodies together. Now, you are probably notice, as many do, that this protein molecule happens to be in the shape of a cross.

The question that I ask is whether this is a great illustration of the truth of Col. 1:17 or simply a great illustration of it. Because of the recent talk by Louie Giglio, some in the evangelical community have begun to see Laminin as the ‘proof’ that God cares about us enough to hold our very cells together. There is no need to cite sources just google ‘Laminin’ and ‘Col. 1:17.’ The examples are plentiful. But let us take a look at Col. 1:17 and see what use we can make out of the Laminin example.

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