Ben Witherington is one of my favorite NT scholars. But he is also a poet who I enjoy very much. His recent poem is one on the resurrection that is inspired by Nikolai Ge’s Painting ‘The Harbingers of Resurrection.’ You can see his full post here. Since it is Good Friday I thought it was worth sharing:

    The Cool of the tomb
    The heat of the sun,
    Returning to remedy
    What was undone.
    The spices in hand,
    The ointment in jar
    Daybreak excursion
    That didn’t get far.
    The guard was asleep
    The stone rolled away
    The body was gone,
    What could they say?
    Did someone steal in
    Under cover of night
    Purloin the body
    Vanish from sight?
    Was he moved by the gardener,
    As he cleaned up the mess?
    The women would wonder
    In the midst of distress.
    The angel attendants
    Sat idly by,
    ‘Why are you weeping?’
    Was their instant reply. (more…)