About this blog. 

First, the title: kilbabo is a transliteration of the Hebrew phrase כלבבו (pronounced kil-va-vo). It comes from 1 Sam. 13:14 where Samuel is describing to Saul the person who is going to replace him. Samuel describes him as a man who is כלבבו after His [the Lord’s] own heart.’ This phrase has always haunted me. The question, it seems is whether David is a man after God’s heart, i.e., David is pleasing to god or whether God is pleased in David, i.e., it pleases God to chose David. It seems to me that it boils down to whether David pleases God (free will?) or it pleases God to chose David (divine sovereignty?). This difficult phrase exemplifies the ambiguity of Scripture which is so challenging, troubling and exciting all in one. It also seems that no matter which way we interpret this phrase the goal of the Christian ought to be for God to consider them כלבבו.

Second, why am I starting another blog? First of all, my family made me do it. My wife and I hope to move at some point in time to pursue further studies, a blog is a great way to keep family informed. Second, sometimes I have thoughts (not that many, but they do occur) and a blog is a good place to put them. So, there you go (said with a Greek accent, a la My Big Fat Greek Wedding).  Also, I have been a long time lurker on many blogs (see my blogroll). I have benefitted, not only from keeping tabs on family and friends, but on the great theological and biblical discussions that I have witnessed in the blogosphere. This blog is an attempt to enter the conversation. Perhaps it will be a contribution, perhaps it will just mean that I have the guts to make comments on conversations I appreciate, we’ll see.  

About me.

My name is Ben Johnson, I am a Th.M. student in Portland, Oregon. I love the Old Testament and consider myself a student of it. I am married to the most wonderful wife. Her name is Sarah (that’s ‘Princess’ in Hebrew, a most appropriate name) and she is a nurse. I love Jesus and consider myself a student of him. How good I am as a student remains to be seen, but hopefully I have a lot of life left to try. 

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