Another full course that is available online is a course on Biblical Theology by Dr. Gerard van Groningen. Though van Groningen is perhaps not a widely known name, he is a good scholar probably best known for his large work, The Messianic Revelation of the Old Testament, a work that I have interacted with a little, but plan on reading more of in the future. While van Groningen is much more “traditional” (you could probably read that as conservative or fundamentalist but I think traditional is a much less pejorative term) than myself, I benefited greatly from listening to this course for several reasons:

  1. van Groningen is a model Christian scholar. Listening to him lecture is like listening to an old man reflect on a life of faith, whether you agree with him or not, he is worth listening to with respect.
  2. He does attempt to do real pan-Biblical theology that traces through all of Scripture.
  3. His view of the central theme of Scripture as Kingdom, Covenant and Mediator is an interesting and helpful perspective.


Thus, I commend to you, his lectures on Biblical Theology available online and on iTunes.

Dr. Gerard van Groningen – OTS215 Biblical Theology (you will need to create a username and password)