I don’t often listen to Christian radio, but this morning I was glad I did. As I was driving to work I happened to hear the song, “The One Thing that I know” by Jars of Clay. I have heard this song numerous times, but this time the importance of its message really struck home to me.

In the context of speaking about the crucifixion, and the redemptive nature of the crucifixion, the song repeats the chorus line:

This is the one thing,
The one thing that I know.

It finally struck my how true and important this is. As a student, specifically of the Old Testament, I frequently find myself wrestling with such issues as the historicity of the OT (or the minimalist vs. maximalist debate) or other historical critical issues regarding the OT. However I come down on these issues it is important to remember that it is the death and resurrection of Christ that is THE ONE THING THAT I KNOW!

Evangelicals (or at least some) may condemn me for admitting to be lenient on issues of inerrancy or the historical reliability of the OT, but the truth is I’m epistemologically humble. There are very few things that I claim to know for certain. One thing I do claim to know is the truth and significance of the death and resurrection of Christ. That is enough for me.