Apparently I have now been blogging for over a year. My first post was March 21, 2008 and here it is April 21, 2009. So I’m a month late. Anyway, I thought it was worth noting that I have lasted a year in the blogging world. I have not been as regular a poster as I wanted, nor have I made as many significant posts as I originally intended, nor have I carried on my Septuagintal Saturdays which I enjoyed so much. But all in all, this has been a positive experience.

I have intentionally kept a low profile in the blogging world, most of the people who read this blog are family, friends, or the occasional person who wanders over this way from some bizarre google search. I hope that I can continue my moderate posts on this blog as Sarah and I look forward to moving overseas to this new point in our life. It may be that this blog takes a more family oriented tone, as we use it to let our family and friends keep tabs on us in England, or it may be that it takes a more academic tone as I use it to disseminate my doctoral studies, only time will tell. 

Anyway, thanks to all who have read this blog and encouraged me along the way.