Well, the 2009 NW ETS meeting is over, and I am glad for it. It was a great time and I greatly appreciated the plenary session as well as the two parallel papers that I got to attend. Though, I did get some free books they were not exactly as enticing to me as the picks I got last year, so we’ll see if I actually read them. The main reason I am glad for this year’s NW ETS meeting to be over is my paper is off my plate for a while. I presented a paper on Judges 13 where I tried to show how reading this chapter as a type-scene (a la Alter) significantly helps our reading of it. Below is the title, abstract and a link to the full paper if anyone is interested.

Paper Title: What do Jacob, Joseph, Jesus and Samson Have in Common? A Study of Judges 13 as a Biblical Type-Scene


Jacob, Joseph, Jesus and Samson, and also Isaac, Samuel, John the Baptist, and possibly an unnamed boy in Kings are very different characters, and are appraised very differently by the biblical authors. However, their births are very and perhaps troublingly similar. Is Luke trying to tell us that John the Baptist is the new Samson? I hope not. This paper seeks to show that if we understand the biblical convention of literary type-scenes then not only are we in a better place to understand why these similarities or repetitions occur but we are also in a better place to understand how the biblical authors are portraying each character. This paper will focus on Samson’s birth story in Judges 13 as an example of how this type-scene analysis can illumine the meaning of a text.