For me, worship in church is a tricky animal. I have some semblance of a musical background, and if the worship music is unprofessional, it really distracts me form being able to focus on actually worshipping. On the other hand, I am very sensitive when it comes to a church putting on a ‘show.’ This distracts me even more than unprofessional music, because I struggle believing that the worship is genuine when it is couched in a big production. It is my experience that churches much more often struggle with the latter condition than with the former. 

I recently attended a different church than my home church. I do not want to bash this church or say bad things about it. It was a little too showy for me, but I really enjoyed the service, got a lot out of the message and honestly believe that of faith of many of the members is extremely genuine. However, one thing I noticed in the service serves as a really great metaphor for the ‘showy’ church production. The church had a very big stage, but that was not my problem. My problem was that the only place a cross could be found in the sanctuary was on the back wall behind the stage. Unfortunately, this is right behind the projector screen which was down for the whole service. In this case, the technology literally covered up the cross, but my worry is that in so many cases (many of them on TV) the show trumps and covers up the reality of the cross. This may just be my experience, but this strikes me as a really sad thing. I pray for all of our churches, that we would me more and more willing to get out of the way and let Jesus be the main event of our worship, our meetings, and our lives. He must increase, I must decrease.