John McCain recently announced Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential nominee. This was revealed as a surprise ending to a long held secret. As I read the news on this and listened to the pundits chime in, I couldn’t help but have my initial reaction be one of jaded cynicism. I know next to nothing about Sarah Palin (just what major news articles have said about her) but when I saw her nominated all I saw was John McCain trying to answer Obama’s historical Presidential bid with a historic moment of his own. Sarah Palin is, in my initial reaction, nothing more than a brilliantly convenient check list:

  1. Social conservative who grew up hunting and fishing to help get that annoying core of the Republican party on my side . . . check.
  2. Young enough to balance my old fogyism . . . check.
  3. A woman to steal those Hilary supporters that are still bitter about Obama winning the nomination . . . check.

I sort of hate the fact that this is my initial reaction to what should be an exciting time in America. Let’s be honest, either way things go in November we are going to have a historic President-VP combination. But despite these things I just can’t help feeling that Obama is just a democrat and McCain is just a republican and we’re going the same old rounds again. Lord save me from my own cynicism.