I consider myself a ‘fan’ of very few things; one of those things, however, is Terry Brooks. I was introduced to Terry Brooks when I was twelve and my dad gave me a copy of The Sword of Shannara. My life has never been the same since. I was always something of a reader growing up, but I trace my real love for reading to that book, no question. I guess it is this history that has really made me a ‘fan’ of Terry Brooks. And I do consider myself a ‘fan’ in the true sense of the word. There are other authors that I enjoy, there may even be other authors I enjoy more than Brooks but I am only truly a ‘fan’ of Brooks.

Let me explain my ‘fandom.’ Not only do I own a signed copy of Brooks’ original trilogy (purchased when I met him in person at a book signing, though I already owned copies of all three of the books separately), but I own two copies of the Sword of Shannara with the original cover (and am always on the lookout for more, in case my copies get worn out), and he is probably the only author that I always purchase as soon as his books come out, in HARDBACK! Some have criticized Brooks’ books for being childish or knock-offs of Tolkien but the fact of the matter is this: he got me into reading and his books have never failed to entertain me.

So, the fall is approaching (he’s a pretty regular publisher) and Brooks is out with the conclusion to his Genesis of Shannara trilogy so I am off to Barnes and Noble to pay way too much for an over-priced book that I will probably only read once. But such is the price of fandom.