You know the phrase “they’re rubbing off on me”? It usually describes someone who is having a personal influence on you so that it can be said that some of their character traits or mannerisms or whatever are ‘rubbing off on you.’  I just had that experience today.

I spent most of today meeting with a group of people that I can only describe as Prayer Giants. Now I am a cynic by nature, an academic by training and someone who is very suspicious of all things ‘christianese’ (i.e., overly ‘Christian’ lingo). However, after spending the better part of the day with people (most of whom are a generation above me) who naturally drip what I would call ‘christianese’ I found myself softened. Part way through the day I realized that these people actually meant everything they said. They are the type of people who say “Isn’t Jesus amazing!” and actually mean it.

I found myself not being judgmental of language and phrases that I normally would call hypocritical or ‘overly spiritual’ but blessed by it. What an amazing time. As I walked away from meeting with these people I couldn’t help but think that not a little bit of Jesus had rubbed off on me because of my time spent with them. I pray that I rub a little bit of Jesus off on the people I encounter in my life.