In light of recent tragedies in Myanmar and China, it is hard to put tragedies in context. However, this news item was brought to my attention, and it hit home. Stephen Curtis Chapman’s youngest daughter, Maria Sue, died Wednesday from being hit by an SUV driven by one of her brothers. The Christianity Today article is here and the CNN article is here. There is also a special blog set up in memory of Maria Sue here (the announcement already has over 14,000 comments). This tragedy is small only in the size of its victim.

I had the opportunity to get to know Stephen on a hunting trip in South Dakota. He has a great heart, loves the Lord, and has a passionate love for his children. I know from the way he speaks about his kids how hard this event is hitting this family. As an older brother I can scarcely imagine what Stephen’s son is feeling now. My prayers are centered on the Chapman family today.