Another thing I have found to be true about life as a Seminarian is that people begin to ask you to pray. This happens in weird places. In family get-togethers suddenly people ask you to pray as much as more appropriate ‘heads of the family.’ Or, when getting together with peers, suddenly at that awkward moment when you are deciding whether or not we are going to pray in public, suddenly friends who have not looked to you for any sort of leadership for as long as you’ve known them suddenly look to you to be the one to pray.

I’m not quite sure what to make of this. I’m happy to pray for people and to be the one to pray but it makes me wonder what people are thinking. I hope no one assumes that I have any closer relationship with God because of Seminary. Sadly, your spiritual life can suffer because of Seminary just like anything else. I guess, like a pastor, people see public prayer as one of the common roles of a Seminarian. It’s strange to me, I don’t know what to do about it (probably just pray), but I do know it happens. Just another thing that happens when people find out you’re in Seminary.