Blazers LogoLast night I had the unbelievable opportunity to watch the Blazers game from the 200 level. This includes a free buffet. It was a fantastic time (thank you Mychal) with the slight exception that the Blazers lost. Poor Blazers. They just didn’t have their offense in gear. But that is understandable given that they didn’t have Roy or Webster last night. And it is hard when T-Mac goes off for 35 points. Although, I don’t know how anyone can have a quiet 35 points but T-Mac did. He is good.

The game did have a few great highlights for me though. The first was to see Mutombo play and have a great game! He had 11 points and two fantastic blocks, followed by the finger waving gloriously in the air at the Portland crowd. After which, he strutted back down the court, partly because of his swat, partly because he was tired. Let’s face it he’s 42! I felt like I was back in junior high/high school. 

Another highlight was getting to watch Aaron Brooks have a good game for the Rockets. Brooks had a great career at the U of O, and I remember him from my high school days when he played for Franklin.  We played them in the district tournament. He was a freshman my senior year and he was still definitely better than me. I guess that’s why he’s in the NBA.

Finally, another highlight was the Thrilla’s (Joel Przybilla) awesome rejection of Mutombo (the only moment of the game that really got me off my seat)! It was beautiful. Way to go Thrilla! All in all, good times were had and Portland is beginning to look toward next year. Come on Oden!